Cruz Ad Slut-Shames Trump`s Spouse

An anti-Donald-Trump super-PAC is running ads in conservative Utah to try to encourage Mormons not to vote for Trump by slut-shaming his wife, Melania.Vox News is reporting that Make America Awesome, established by Republican strategist Liz Mair, is aiming to increase turnout of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ahead of the Utah main on Tuesday.


The super-PAC is trying to persuade Mormons to vote for Ted Cruz rather than Donald Trump, who is not a favorite of GOP voters in the state (it`s not simply Mitt Romney.).The super-PAC is running three ads in the state, one including Mitt Romney urging voters to support Ted Cruz, and another highlightingTrump`s history of going back and forth on his views about abortion.


The 3rd, however, features Melania Trump positioning naked, and mocks the really concept that she could be the first girl one day.And so, when again, we are confronted with the viewpoint that a woman who reveals herself with her body is not to be taken seriously, and is in some way less or not sufficient. Melania was working as a design at the time of the picture shoot, which was for GQ publication in 2000. And somehow, the fact that she has a body and revealed it makes her not worthwhile of respect, according to the folks behind the advertisement.


For the record, Slovenian-born Melania began her modeling profession at age 5, supposedly speaks five languages, creates an effective precious jewelry line, and is mom to kid Barron.Sadly, to conservative voters who think stereotypes about the character of women who pose naked, this ad might have some impact.

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