Cruz Ad Slut-Shames Trump`s Spouse

An anti-Donald-Trump super-PAC is running ads in conservative Utah to try to encourage Mormons not to vote for Trump by slut-shaming his wife, Melania.Vox News is reporting that Make America Awesome, established by Republican strategist Liz Mair, is aiming to increase turnout of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ahead of the Utah main on Tuesday.The super-PAC is trying to persuade Mormons to vote for Ted Cruz rather than Donald Trump, who is not a favorite of GOP voters in the state (it`s not simply Mitt Romney.).

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Beyonce's New Video Will Make You Sweat (And That's the Point)

This time, Queen B has actually bestowed upon us a gorgeous advertisement for her brand-new fitness line, Ivy Park. In it, Beyonce recounts the method her father utilized to wake her up for early a.m. running workouts in the park.We see home videos, designs in Ivy Park sweatshirts, and Beyonce being * ~ * perfect * ~ * while swimming, dancing, and yes, even cleaning sweat from her forehead. Gradually, the park ends up being a metaphor, a state of mind, and Bey`s suggestion to keep passing all fears and doubts (obviously even Beyonce has those).

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This Spectacular Picture Series Records the Beauty of Women's Natural Kinks and Curls

Whether you re curly, directly, or someplace in between, you`ve most likely said something comparable to, Ugh, I dislike my hair, at ultimate merchant providers one point or another. And with the wide variety of hair-altering items out there, accepting your natural texture is difficult AF.Which is why we enjoying that style blogger and London-based photography student Dazhane Leah is showing off women's natural texture with an afro art task that`s not only eliciting some significant hair envy, however calling interest to the beauty of going au natural.

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